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We understand the busy schedule of property managers and property owners, which is why at Wetlands Irrigation we have experienced and professional technicians who are readily available to assist you with your landscape lighting installation and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Increased Security

Landscape lighting is often used for security and protection purposes. A well-lite area can frighten off burglars from attempting to enter your building or cause harm to your property tenants. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of low-voltage outdoor lighting, we can combine your landscape lighting with motion censors, manual dimmers controls and automated timers to complete the overall security of your outdoor space with minimal to no maintenance for property managers.

Design and Appeal

We offer a wide variety of outdoor lighting options for your requirements. Improve your business or building image with added visual depth, make pathways easy to maneuver through at night, create a mood around your pool area or leave a lasting impression around a sign or entryway. With our many options and custom designs to choose from you can significantly improve your property value and keep your tenants happy.

Product and Service Installation

  • Customized designs
  • Installation
  • Ongoing service maintenance
  • Fixture repair
  • Lighting systems repair
  • Maintenance and repair of existing lighting systems
  • On-site warranty repairs

Looking to install a Landscape lighting system or ongoing maintenance for your property? Contact us today!